Best Pre-Owned Phones for Cameras

Best Pre-Owned Phones for Cameras

Renewed phones with some killer cameras that won't break the bank
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You know phones ain't complete without some solid cameras to capture all those epic moments. And if you're trying to save some cash, but still want a device that'll snap pics like a pro, then check out these renewed phones.

First up is the pre owned iPhone 11 series, including the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. All these babies pack some serious camera heat.

The iPhone 11 boasts a dual lens camera with ultra-wide and wide lenses. And the 11 Pro and Pro Max bring the triple-lens game with an additional telephoto lens, perfect for product and portrait photography.

All phones in the iPhone 11 series have 4K video and a 12 MP selfie camera. And they come with an excellent night mode and photo and video editing apps to take your pics to the next level.

If you're more of a Samsung fan, then check out the pre owned Galaxy S10 series, including the S10 and S10+. They're identical in the main, triple-lens camera department, with a basic 12 MP lens, 16 MP ultra-wide lens, and 12 MP telephoto lens. The only difference is in the selfie camera. The S10 has a single, 10 MP lens, while the S10+ boasts a second 8 MP selfie camera for those selfie aficionados out there.

Don't sleep on the S10e, though. While not as flashy as its counterparts, it still packs a punch with its dual lens main camera, which includes a 12 MP lens and a 16 MP ultra-wide lens. And it's got the same 10 MP selfie camera as the S10.

For all you Note fans out there, we've got the pre owned Galaxy Note10 series, including the Note10 and Note10+. Both come with the same triple-lens main camera and 10 MP selfie camera. The only difference is in the aperture of the lenses, but the variation is so minimal that you won't notice any major differences.

Finally, for all you Apple fanatics, we've got the refurbished iPhone XS and XS Max. These bad boys come with a dual-lens camera, including a telephoto and wide lens, both with 12 MP specs. And like the iPhone 11 and Samsung S series, they come with 4K video and a solid 7 MP selfie camera.

And last but not least, we've got the refurbished Galaxy S20 series, including the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. All three phones boast triple-lens cameras with various specs. The S20 comes with a 12 MP main lens, 64 MP telephoto lens, and 12 MP ultra-wide lens. The S20+ and S20 Ultra are similar but with some slight variations in specs.

So there you have it, folks. Renewed phones with some killer cameras that won't break the bank. Time to snap some fire pics and show the world what you got!