About Us

Our Mission

At MoPhones we love phones. We know they are the starting point for economic and social opportunity. They have the power to change lives for the better, especially across Africa.

We believe everyone should have access to a high quality device, no matter your budget. 

With deep experience in the phone and refurbishing industry across the globe, our team has witnessed first hand that renewed devices are the future. Like-new quality (sometimes even better than new!) for a fraction of the price of new. While saving millions of low quality phones ending up in landfills (or worse) around the world.

Consider us rebels with a cause ;)

Our mission is to get a high quality mobile phone into the hands of all Kenyans. With the peace of mind that we have your back when something goes wrong, your budget changes or you simply want an upgrade. Our mission is to bring full trust to renewed devices.

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Attractive deals that save you up to 50% versus new devices

Our team is always here for you!

Our aim is to always have your back. Excellent customer service is our standard. Questions or problems? Enjoy friendly help from actual human beings without a wait. We even come visit you if we have to.