What to know when buying from Mo

This guide on buying from Mo as at March 2024 is in addition to the full Terms & conditions

To Buy, you will have to confirm reading https://mophones.co/policies/terms-of-service  and ACCEPT our terms.


  • Our phones are RENEWED, meaning they were previously owned abroad, but are in Grade A condition and have been fully checked for quality.  
  • We only sell phones with battery health rated as above ‘Good’ for Samsungs and above 80% health for iPhones.
  • We have a 12 Month Warranty policy and a full 2 day REFUND policy if you return the phone within 2 working days from payment of deposit. The warranty is limited to technical defects that affect the functionality of your item. It doesn't cover accidental breakage or theft
  • To buy on cash, you need a Valid Name, ID number and Phone number for execution of sale and warranty terms


  1. We WILL ask you about all your current open and past loans, including mobile cash loans or overdrafts, so we can better understand our ability to give you a loan. This, in addition to all standard credit questions we ask, may NOT necessarily disqualify you, so be fully honest on all including any you were late in paying.
  2. We WILL want valid contact info for a next of kin, so if we can’t reach you during loan life we can reach them.
  3. We want to know that you know what you are signing up for, so we will ask you to CONFIRM the price of the product you are buying, the initial payment amount, and the weekly rate.
  4. You MUST be the one paying for the product.  If someone else will be paying for the product, let them apply for the loan (even if you’ll be using the phone).
  5. We MUST be able to reach your phone number (our number +254 709924404 not blocked) so we know we can call you in the future (please unblock us on TrueCaller)
  6. We MUST be able to send you SMS (Our 25044 short code not blocked) so we can SMS you the Loan offer and you can reply accepting the offer, plus all future SMS. The SMS short code is free so please unblock us with *456*9*5#
  7. Your Full Names MUST match all names in your ID number and MPESA account so we can be sure that you are the person whose credit details we are checking.
  8. We require 3 months of MPESA transaction data on ALL your MPESA registered phone numbers so that we can understand your credit history.  We CAN automatically access this data when you give your consent.To process your loan request we will not retrieve more than 3 months statement.
  9. If you buy a phone from us on credit, you are taking a loan which you will still owe even if you lose the phone. You also agree to continue paying your loan even if the phone is being serviced.
  10. During your loan period, you AGREE NOT TO remove any MOPHONES software, tamper with the phone, open up or try to repair the phone with anyone but MoPhones.