The Life and Times of a Renewed Phone

The Life and Times of a Renewed Phone

There are a variety of factors that cause original phone owners to sell their devices in developed countries
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The life of a refurbished phone is a unique and interesting journey that not many people know about. Refurbished devices go through a lot before they end up in the hands of their new owners. In this post, we’ll take you through the life and stages of a refurbished phone.

First, owners in markets like Europe and the US part ways with their phones for many reasons. As part of their subscription plan, they might opt for an upgrade to the latest device. Or their employer refreshes their company devices every two years. In some markets, devices that were taken out of their box but returned are not allowed to be resold, even if the device is brand new. Through many ways, phones end up with our refurbishing partners who inspect and where necessarily upgrade the devices.

Once the phone is data-wiped and repaired (if needed and only using original new parts) it undergoes another  rigorous testing  cycle to confirm it functions like new. This involves more than 90 individual checks, including validating the screen, battery, camera and all other components to ensure they are in good working condition. The phone is also carefully cleaned to remove any scratches and most signs of wear.

Next the phone is reset to its original factory settings. This is an important step to protect the privacy of the previous owner and ensure that the new owner receives a phone that is ready to use.

Because of this thorough inspection process, we can guarantee our devices function perfectly. That’s why we offer you a one year warranty on each of them!