Premium Renewed

Our premium renewed phones are carefully checked and repaired by our partner specialists. If needed, they will professionally replace a damaged part with a new original piece. After this process and a proper cleaning, the phones are basically returned to a clean factory state. This means that the phone will function the same way as a brand new phone: you can expect the same high level of efficiency regarding speed, storage, responsiveness and operating system as one bought straight from the store.

Sourced From High-Quality Global Partners

Our providers and partners are large professional companies, mostly in the United States, Europe and parts of Asia. They operate state of the art facilities and process millions of devices annually. Their specialist staff and equipment are of the highest professional standards and they invest deeply into the latest technology.

Meticulously Inspected

We understand that to truly make you feel comfortable that the device you are buying is as good - or sometimes even better - than new, we need to provide you with science, not guess work. That is why all our devices are inspected in-house with a 70-point test, in which everything, absolutely everything is scrutinized when a device arrives at our facilities.

MoPhones always has your back

Doubling Down On Quality

Did you know? After our devices arrive from our global refurbishing partners, we double check every device on the ground in our Nairobi facility with our 70-point test to ensure it meets our quality standards.